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I'm Julie,

After years of working as an urban planner & then subsequently as a real estate broker, I decided it was time to help as many first time buyers as I could.  With this amazing on-line platform I'm bringing you The First Time Homebuyer Workshop! There's so much to know and I have extensive explanations of the homebuying process, what to look out for, negotiation strategies, and how to select the best house for your lifestyle.  I'm super excited to be able to offer the course and to provide weekly question & answer sessions.

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It might be good to know a little about me!

I grew up in California, you will here me reference it throughout the course, and I was lucky enough to go to college where I majored in Urban Planning.  I then became an Urban Planner at the City of San Diego working in a variety of departments, Zoning, Growth Management, Long Range Planning, Community Planning. I jumped ship and went to work in the private sector, processing all kinds of permits where I only lost in one hearing but, I turned it over to a consultant and we won on appeal.   My personal life took a turn and I moved to New Mexico where I worked at the State and Local level ending up as a Planning Director.  Once again, I moved to the east coast and ended up in the Boston Area where I sold real estate as real estate salesperson and broker for 20 years.

Additionally, I have a MA in Historic Preservation, took the Appraising Classes and Exam administered by the Appraisal Institute, Real Estate Broker and I'm Certified as a Credit Counselor with Freddie Mac.

It's taken me a long time to put this class together and I hope to help you in every aspect of the homebuying process.  It can be scary, overwhelming and even though I was in the field so to speak when I bought my first house - boy was I unprepared! I wish I had something like this when I bought my first, second and third house. 

With buyer's remorse well over 50% something needs to change and I hope you learn, feel empowered and become a savvy first time homebuyer! 

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