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Welcome to The First Time Homebuyer Workshop!
There's so much to know when buying a home and with over 60% (annually) of buyers feeling remorse after buying probably one of the most expensive single items you will buy, that's just not any fun.

I want you know, it doesn't have to be that way!

We want you to be happy with your home purchase, in command of the process, all-knowing, and be confident as you enter into the homebuying process.

We empower First Time Homebuyers so they understand the homebuying industry, learn to negotiate the best price, learn about financial options, find the best place to live based on urban planning principals, educate you on health risks and remediation resources used in homebuilding, define legal homebuying terms, evaluate floor plans, teach you how to decipher a  zoning code, lists of questions to ask the professional who are vying for your business, & so much more!

You will be A Savvy First-Time Homebuyer!

Weather you are ready to buy now, in 6 months, or a few years this well organized, six week, one-stop workshop will educate you in all 5 areas that touch your homebuying process.  AND with lifetime access to the course (& updates) along with weekly question & answer sessions you are sure to be successful.  

Free Mini Course

Home Buying Chaos Unwrapped

Understanding how the homebuying industry is organized and why there is no ONE 1st step. You will get a lay of the land and see if you want to continue with our premier course 

The First Time Homebuyer Workshop 

Access to Homebuying Chaos Unwrapped Mini Course

The First Time Homebuyer Workshop

Our premier course that provides a step-by-step guide.  You learn all the components of home buying, have access to weekly live workshops, lifetime access to the course. 

You will know more than most of the professionals!

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Free Mini-Course

An explanation of the homebuying industry. Who does what and the checks and balances!

  • Who to contact first?
  • Why there is no ONE 1st step.
  • Are you ready to buy?
  • How much money you really need.
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Signature Course

The First Time Homebuyer Workshop

  • Week 1 - The Banking System¬†& Your Financial Profile
  • Week 2 - What is Home?
  • Week 3 - Building Your Team
  • Week 4 - The Homebuying Process
  • Week 5 - The House & Neighborhood
  • Week 6 - Out of Control
  • Bonus - After the Purchase
  • Bonus - Weekly Question & Answer Session
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"Knowledgeable of the process, laws, honest, trustworthy, negotiation skills are top notch - highly recommended"


Nothing but GOOD stuff to say buying our first house was the easiest and memorable experience we could ever ask for...

Michelle Elder

Her no-nonsense approach gets things done!
Reed Royalty

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