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Buying a house can be a daunting task, but there are a few steps you can take to make the process easier.

You hear the tasks 1-6 as listed below. In fact if you ask Dr. Internet on "How to Buy a House" in every state the list below pops up.  Really?

1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage

2. Research the market

3. Find a real estate agent

4. Make an offer

5. Get a home inspection

6. Close on the house

So what's so hard?  Why is there so much buyers remorse and stress associated with buying a house? 

Because there are 5 professions all with their own licensing requirements, exams - a whole industry to themselves and they interface with each step slightly differently & none of those industries are accountable to one another - no indeed they are separate fields - with different companies - different bosses and you the consumer are trying to get it all figured out AND this is your first time!  When have we as humans ever done it PERFECTLY our first time?   AND what no professional wants to really mention is there is a whole lot of grey area in each profession.  Every situation is unique but in the end only you can really know what you will and will not accept.

I wish I had someone had helped me - - given me a road map so when I was ready to sell our first house I knew what I was doing - yes when buying your first house you need to think about selling it too!

I have made sooooo many mistakes and I want to empower you THE FRIST TIME HOMEBUYER so you dont make the mistakes I made! 

The first step is to educate yourself on how the process is set up.  Then if you like what you hear we have a premier course called THE FIRST TIME HOMEBUYER WORKSHOP but right now I just want to see if you like this - 

"Home Buying Chaos Unwrapped!" is FREE!

Remember everyone in this process is selling you something - but we are going to see if buying is the RIGHT decision for you arming you with knowledge and empowering you to make a good, a smart, a savvy real estate investment.   


Here's a twist ~ Lets put you first! Let's look deep inside yourself to make sure your are making the best choice for you and when you start the process you know exactly how you want to handle all 5 professionals you hire, interview and hire the right people, negotiate the very best price and CONFIDENTLY purchase, probably, the most expensive single item in your life to date. 

Then you will know....

You are doing the right thing...
Buying the right place...
At the right price... 


Because you matter & You are the most important part of the homebuying process! 

Join Us in "Home Buying Chaos Unwrapped!"  to get started!